Custom Designed Websites for a Modern World

At Cohn Media, we believe that the best websites start with a simple conversation. By getting to know your brand and the voice of your business, we can design content accordingly and efficiently. We craft our designs around the idea that your content should make visitors interested, engaged, and eager to return.  There are currently 1 billion websites on the internet, all trying to sell you something one way or the other. How are you going to set yourself apart from the rest?

Cohn Media specializes in website development by implementing the latest web technologies within a polished, efficient layout. Your website should make a statement, provoke a user’s curiosity, and encourage them to navigate through the different portals around your page. In other words, consumed. This ideology extends to each element of design that we provide: logo creation, branding style, web development, web design, SEO cured content, social media content and marketing design. Let our website development services amplify your business!

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Website Design and Development Fees and Rates

There’s not a one size fits all solution for building and creating websites; its a very personalized and specialized process. Every client has a different vision as to how they want their website to look, feel and interact with its visitors. At Cohn Media SEO and Website Development, we charge an hourly rate of 55-70$/ hour, depending on the project size, depth of the graphic and visual designs and coding aspects of the website. Contact us for a free quote.

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