Addiction treatment centers have the potential to be extremely profitable businesses, but the work that goes into making sure that overall functionality is at its potential is a challenging and timely process. Cohn Media will work with you to re-strategize your current business model, or assist in opening a new rehab facility completely. Our expertise allows from the provision of services to buyers and investors looking to break into the industry, how to absolutely maximize your reimbursements, to the benefits of outsourcing your medical billing services or bringing it in-house.

It can be difficult identifying the areas where your business needs improvement: from developing programs and services, to hiring staff and medical professionals, to accreditation and marketing strategy and how to effectively and properly maximize your insurance reimbursements.  If you’re a buyer or seller, recognizing all of the moving parts and making sure the investment is worth it can be challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the industry.

Our addiction treatment consultants are highly experienced in the processes that go into running a successful center. We’re committed to maximizing your efforts, both financially and operationally, and our hands-on involvement in the field ensures this success. Cohn Media has had the opportunity to not only work with some of the most established drug rehab facilities in the nation, and help them grow their centers into the recognized facilities they are today, but our Founder Chris Cohn has owned drug rehabs in Scottsdale for over 12 years. He’s been through the ups and the downs of the business and can relate to every situation and experience your rehab is going through, or wanting to explore. How to properly bill, whether to go In Network with private insurance companies, how to effectively and ethically fill your beds, how to maximize your online marketing efforts, etc. Cohn Media is one of the few organizations that actually own facilities, not just offer consulting services.

Above all, we’re dedicated to making sure that every rehab center is functioning at its finest: their conditions determine the well-being of patients who already find themselves in a very delicate state. Whether you’re looking to improve your current business model, invest, or start a rehab center from the ground up, Cohn Media can help!

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