Cohn Media is an award-winning Phoenix and Scottsdale SEO agency that delivers superior results from a smaller number of clients. We have formulated an exclusive SEO process based on nearly a decade of research that gives us a powerful edge over other Online Marketing Firm’s. While most SEO agencies focus on increasing their number of clients, COHN focuses on getting a few select clients colossal results, then maintaining life-long business relationships. Furthermore, utilizing affordable SEO, its our hope that when Cohn Media is ready to open up our services to more clients, those will come as referrals from our current clients.

Our roots in core values and lasting relationships, paired with innovative talent and design, let us tell your story accurately. We use proven SEO models along with the integration of multiple social channels and high domain authority backlinks, in which we have in our possession, to help you dominate Google search rankings and grow your business. Implementing several forms of data tracking and optimization to monitor growth and results, we ensure the analytics back up our work. Over 35 combined years of computer and internet marketing experience, we’re not your standard affordable SEO agency. We are a small group of highly effective and successful businessmen & women who have teamed up together in an effort to offer ethical and powerful Search Engine Marketing, Media Services, Website Development & SEO Consulting in Phoenix. We’re ready to absolutely dominate your online business profile, in all aspects, and create revenue in which you would never think was possible.

SEO / Backlinking Specialists

Getting unique and high authoritative (DA) backlinks is critical for ranking higher (preferably page 1, spot 1-4) in searches and for improving your SEO in general. Google’s newest algorithm on evaluating effective SEO and backlinks has evolved in the recent years, creating a more challenging process to rank higher in search engines. The power Cohn Media has, and what sets up apart from our competition, is our access to hundreds of high DA websites in which we strategically use in guest posts, articles, blogs and web pages. These are backlinks, and we utilize them for increased search ranking results for ALL of our clients. Your welcome ! For SEO Consulting in Scottsdale nobody else in Arizona offering SEO services compares with our experience and expertise.

Working with a wide range of industries, Cohn Media ensures your marketing plan is tailor-made to suit your needs. This means diving deep and taking your brand, your vision, your business, your objectives, and your business plan all into consideration. Your vision is important to us, let’s make it come to life. After that, you’ll start dominating Google searches and getting more leads and calls for your business than ever before.

Cohn Media, a Google Certified Agency Partner

Google awards the Google Partner badge to agencies & individuals who meets rigorous standards for advertising, SEO tactics and product knowledge. To become an official partner, you must pass Google Ads product certification exams and demonstrate competency in Google’s eyes. When Google vouches for an agency, its a big deal and we’re honored. Cohn Media, being a Google Partner, means that we “walk the talk.” Our partnership is a by-product of our commitment to grow our clients’ businesses by strategically utilizing Google as a partner.

Benefits of choosing a Google Partner agency

When you choose Cohn Media as your Online Marketing Company, your choosing a Google Partner to help generate leads for your business. Furthermore, your also choosing an agency who is dedicated to creating and managing strategic Google Ads for your business. We are under Google’s watchful eye to make sure we consistently uphold these standards. Being in the SEO Consulting in Arizona business, We utlize our relationship with Google in a very positive manner! Google monitors our account and we can lose our Google Partner Badge if at any time they feel we have fallen off of our game.

Now Cohn Media is not only held to our own internal standard of excellence, Google will also review our accounts on a regular basis to ensure we’re providing excellent service to our clients.


If your not pushing fresh, original and relevant content to your site, your throwing money away trying to compete in the SEO/online marketing game. We have in-house content developers, bloggers and keyword search creators pumping out fresh, original and powerful content, DAILY, for our clients. Emphasizing SEO in every sentence and paragraph we publish for our clients. SEO Consulting in Arizona has never looked better than Cohn Media!

Call Cohn Media today and get your backlink and SEO profile working in your favor. We want you to start ranking ON PAGE 1, SPOT 1 of Google and help take your business to the next level!

COHN Media formed out of necessity. We had hired other firms to produce leads and increase our SEO efforts, but they all fell short. We started performing our marketing and lead generation activities in-house and saw much better results. That’s how Cohn Media was created. Now we’re offering these services to the world.
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